Past Shows

Friday, November 30, 2012

Past Shows


All performances in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

7.20.2019 | We played at The Black Lodge with Outdoor Voices, Masha & Lars, and Orbach.

8.1.2017 | We played in Portland, OR at Bunk Bar with Clovver and Teton.

7.29.2017 | We played in Olympia, WA at Obsidian with Chastity Belt and Stephen Steinbrink.

7.28.2017 | We played at Cafe Solstice with Merso and Breach.

7.27.2017 | We played in Missoula, MT at ZACC with Wilma Laverne Miner and Poverty Porn.

8.14.2016 | We played at The Sunset Tavern with Stella Crest and Perfect Families.

8.13.2016 | We played in Bow, WA at Laflamapalooza.

7.22.2016 | We played at The Cha Cha as part of Capitol Hill Block Party.


7.16.2016 | We played at the Monkey Pub with Dozer and Mommy Long Legs.

7.15.2016 | We played in Portland, OR at Velo Cult with Naked Hour, Riled, and Brumes.

7.14.2016 | We played in Portland, OR at Black Water with Dowager, Radler, and Xiphoid Process.

7.13.2016 | We played in Reno, NV at The Holland Project with  Atlas Frame and Heartsleeve.

7.12.2016 | We played in San Francisco, CA at Different Fur Studios with Crush, White Knuckles, and Future Shapes.

7.10.2016 | We played in Oakland, CA at The Hole with Crush, Unity, Soar, and Late Bloom.

7.9.2016 | We played in La Puente, CA at Bridgetown DIY with Lil Dowager and Media Jeweler.

7.9.2016 | We played in Los Angeles, CA at Pehrspace with Lil Dowager and Media Jeweler.

7.8.2016 | We played in San Diego, CA at a house with Media Jeweler, Kinda Rad Kinda Sad, Happy With Myself, and Local Kindergartner.

7.7.2016 | We played in Tempe, AZ at Double Nickels with Dent, Diners, and The Expos.

7.6.2016 | We played in Flagstaff, AZ at Flagstaff Brewing Co. with Dragons, Cereal Milk, and Diners.

7.5.2016 | We played in Santa Fe, NM at The Skylight with Low on High, Flossy Clouds, Bodies, and Austin Reed.

7.2.2016 | We played in Austin, TX at Sidewinder with Early Internet, Hovvdy

7.1.2016 | We played in New Orleans, LA at Heaven's Gate with Pope, Planet Manhood, and Sharks Teeth.

6.29.2016 | We played in Nashville, TN at Darkmatter with Plant Parenthood, Beer Head, Pumpkinseed, and Negra.

6.28.2016 | We played in Atlanta, GA at the Mammal Gallery with Delphinium, Floral Print, and Fuiste.

6.27.2016 | We played in Athens, GA at the Caledonia Lounge with Einschlagen and Dimmen.

6.24.2016 | We played in Washington, D.C. at Kokomo with Foozle, Julian, June Gloom, and Doubles.

6.23.2016 | We played in Montclair, NJ at Sea Gallery & Design Studio.

6.22.2016 | We played in Philadelphia, PA at The Pharmacy with Coping Skills, Boy Friends, and Doubles.

6.21.2016 | We played in Boston, MA at O'Brien's Pub with Iverson Crossover, Saccharine, Planet Manhood and Du Vide.

6.20.2016 | We played in Providence, RI at the Watermyn Co-op.

6.19.2016 | We played in Brooklyn, NY at The Gateway with Swoon Lake, Milky Maze, and Bears.

6.18.2016 | We played in Montreal, QC at Bad Lunch with Saul Hittner, Mia Verko, and Boy Friends.

6.17.2016 | We played in Hamden, CT at The Space.

6.16.2016 | We played in New Rochelle, NY at Mesh Print Studio with Nowhere Now Here + And The Traveler.

6.15.2016 | We played in Brooklyn, NY at Aviv with Peaer, Yucky Duster, and Melt.

6.14.2016 | We played in Pittsburgh, PA at Spirit.

6.13.2016 | We played in Athens, OH at Shewolf Haus and then the cops came.

6.11.2016 | We played in Chicago, IL at The Keep with Nouveau, Cross Country, and Clearance.

6.10.2016 | We played in Chicago, IL at the House of Heavy Petting with Black Sandwich, Job, Spooky Action Space Captain, and Oshwa.

6.9.2016 | We played in Minneapolis, MN at Reverie with Hayden Fox, Not From Here and Holler House.

6.8.2016 | We played in Sioux Falls, SD at Total Drag Records with Blue Velvette and LowRidingMoths.

6.7.2016 | We played in Winnipeg, MB at a house with Permanent Mistake and Pleasure Dens.

6.6.2016 | We played in Regina, SK at the Club at the Exchange with Oiseaux.

6.4.2016 | We played in Missoula, MT at Camp Daze.

6.3.2016 | We played at Werewolf Vacation with Great Grandpa and Charms.

-------Don't Call Me Babe Tour ------------>

5.23.2016 | We played at The Sunset with Chung Antique, Chemical Clock, and Ahleuchatistas.

2.19.2016 | We played at The Crocodile Back Bar with Palehound and Great Grandpa.

1.2.2016 | We played at The Anthill with U Bellin Hemmie and Deer Park.

12.12.2015 | We played at the Black Lodge with Talktin and Easy, Great Grandpa, and Special Explosion.

10.30.2015 | We played at Werewolf vacation with so many spooky, choice rock groups.

10.24.2015 | We played at The Monkey Pub with Detlef and Medium Weekend.

9.9.2015 | We played at Vermillion alongside Phillips Arnautoff, Ryan Beckley, Evan Woodle and Neil Welch as part of Table & Chairs' 2nd Wednesdays program.

8.27.2015 | We played at Barboza with Great Grandpa, Chung Antique, and Koda Sequoia.

8.15.2015 | We played in Maple Valley, WA with Chung Antique, Lures, Great Grandpa, Naomi Punk, and many other exceptional acts at Vanfest.

8.1.2015 | We played in Bellingham, WA with many great rock groups as a part of the Make Shift Block Party.

7.31.2015 | We played at The Sunset Tavern with many great rock groups as part of Norhwest PsychFest.

7.24.2015 | We played at The Victory Lounge with Audrey Horne and many more!

7.10.2015 | We played at The Guest House in Olympia, WA with WEEED and Sawtooth.

7.4.2015 | We played at Werewolf Vacation with so many bands.

5.29.2015 | We played Camp Daze Fest in Missoula, MT with so many bands.

4.9.2015 | We played at the Black Lodge with Leatherdaddy, Pile, and Slow Code.

4.3.2015 | We played at The Future with The Rutabega and Chung Antique.

3.22.2015 | We played at the Cha Cha Lounge with The Great Goddamn and Crater. 

3.21.2015 | We played at the Gentlemen's Lair in Portland, OR with Sister Palace and The Schmeagles.

1.31.2015 | We played at The Josephine with Vapor Trails, Audrey Horne, and Hana & The Goose.

1.9.2015 | We played at The Cockpit with The Exquisites, WUV, and SuperProjection

12.11.2014 | We played at The Eagle's Rest with Crater and City Hall.

12.6.2014 | We played at Loudhouse in Bellingham, WA with Leatherdaddy and Lipsticism.

7.19.2014 | We played at The Future House with Big Bill, Spencer Owen, James Rabbit, and iji.

6.21.2014 | We played at Makeshift in Bellingham, WA with New Lungs and Lalochezia.

6.20.2014 | We played at Werewolf Vacation with Pinegrove, Tawny Peaks, and Dad Jokes.

5.17.2014 | We played at The Crocodile with Tera Melos and Postmadonna.

5.9.2014 | We played at Dark Place in Portland, OR with Leatherdaddy, Go Deep, and Moan.

4.30.2014 | We played at MOCO in Oakland, CA with The Great Norma Desmond, Leatherdaddy, and Good Humans.

4.28.2014 | We played at The Placebo in Eureka, CA with Leatherdaddy, Tummy, and Blood Orphans.

4.27.2014 | We played at Laughing Horse Books in Portland, OR with Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Special Explosion, and Leatherdaddy.

4.26.2014 | We played at Mushroomson Airplane on Bainbridge Island, WA with WEEED, Special Explosion, and Leatherdaddy.

4.25.2014 | We played at Makeshift in Bellingham, WA with Special Explosion, Gonzo, Leatherdaddy, and Tummy.

4.25.2014 | We played at The Business records in Anacortes, WA with Leatherdaddy.

3.6.2014 | We played at Vermillion with Tacos!, Witch Ripper, and Audrey Horne.

2.8.2014 | We played at Heartland with Chung Antique and Audrey Horne.

2.1.2014 | We played at The Grizzled Wizard with Tummy and Peeping Tomboys.

1.10.2014 | We played at The Shakedown in Bellingham, WA with So Adult, Shore, and Girl Guts.

12.22.2013 | We played at The Josephine with Marvelous Good Fortune, Sick Sad World, and Richard Album.

11.7.2013 | We played at Currency Art.

9.6.2013 | We played at The Blue Moon Tavern with Leatherdaddy and Vapor Trails.

8.31.2013 | We played at Heartland as a part of Bummershoot 2013 with many stellar bands.

8.5.2013 | We played at The Comet Tavern with The Milford Higgins, Dear Mr. Manager, and Minor Plains.

8.2.2013 | We played at Papa's Den with Witchripper, Leatherdaddy, Nostalgist, and a few others.

7.27.2013 | We played at Capitol Hill Block Party at the Cha Cha Stage with Iska Dhaaf, Monogamy Party, The Trashies, and Constant Lovers.

7.6.2013 | We played at The Blue Moon Tavern with Mitts, Koda Sequoia, Craig Salt Peters.

6.30.2013 | We played at The Crocodile Back Bar with Post Madonna, New Lungs, Special Explosion.

5.20.2013 | We played at The Black Lodge with Joey Molinaro, Audrey Horne.

5.16.2013 | We played at The Central Saloon with Chung Antique, Couches.

5.11.2013 | We played at the Guest House in OLYMPIA, WA with Lures, Special Explosion, Petrichor.

4.24.2013 | We played at Barboza with Marnie Stern and SISU.

2.9.2013 | We played at Another Dream House with Humble Cub, Hyena, and Weird Bug.

1.22.2013 | We played at The Sunset Tavern with Cabana and Peeping Tomboys.

12.28.2012 | We played at Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room with Land of Pines and Dude York.

11.30.2012 | We played at Papa's Den with The Oregon Donor, Special Explosion, and Nice+AO.