Past Shows

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

faces on the radio

Cheers to Faces on the Radio for the kind words regarding our recent show with Pile!

"...The three-piece’s brand of instrumental rock is something we don’t see a whole lot of anymore. The title of their recent cassette, If They Are Not Yet Dead, They Are Living Still seems like a nod to instrumental-rock heroes Tortoise, but to limit Heavy Petting to that analogy would be reductive. Long, grooving passages gave way to Russian Circles-like bursts of heft and noise, impeccably controlled feedback alternated with beautiful fingerpicking. The set was fairly transfixing, not least because this band might be one of the tightest I’ve ever seen. Each member is incredibly skilled, and they navigate the rhythmic transitions that move their songs along with such effortless grace that it’s hard to find anything to criticize outside of their bassist’s overly Flea-like bent-knee grooving. Here’s to more Heavy Petting."
I'm pretty sure Fleasthope will be taking the knee bending and grooving to a whole new level!